Happy with Staff

~Dr Rice and his team are awesome! They are so good with our pets, you know they care about them in their handling and advice; no question of ours is too small to be answered thoughtfully and in our pets best interest. Dr Rice has consistently come through for us each time we’ve had an emergency, and he or his staff always checks in with us the following day(s) to make sure our beloved Chi’s are continuing to do well. (The ONLY time we’ve ever experienced such excellent follow-through is from this team!) — Pam

Cat Care is Great!

~My cat Mrs. O’Malley gets wonderful care at Enterprise Animal Hospital, and the staff are always happy to answer my questions. We’re so happy to have our pets get care here. –Kathy

Happy Horse Owner

~I would like to thank you for emergency treatment on Nick. The prompt treatment will lead to full recovery of my horse. –Dennis

A Happy Kitty Now!

~Recently I noticed that our 16-year-old cat seemed to have lost a lot of weight and wasn’t eating well. I really hesitated to take her to a vet as she panics when she hears or sees a dog but…she needed help. I made an appointment with Dr. Rice and put her in her carrier about 1 hr ahead of time. Dr. Rice and the staff were most gentle and skilled at examining her and obtaining a blood and urine sample. A urinary tract infection, as well as kidney failure, were diagnosed. A shot of antibiotics and prescribed dietary changed greatly improved her well being even within hours. I was very surprised and pleased with her tolerance. She is again grooming herself, gaining weight and playful. I would highly recommend Enterprise Animal Hospital! — Linda