My wife found this vet through a referral from Lewiston, ID vet. We are from Portland and we were looking for a vet to do a TPLO surgery on our dog. Our dog is only 3 and needed surgery on both back legs!

Unfortunately in Portland, we were on waiting list and months out from a consolation. With a referral from a vet in Lewiston, my wife called into Enterprise Animal Hospital and was pleasantly surprised with how open, willing, and quick Dr. Grover was able to get Juniper in!

Within 2-3 weeks, my wife packed up June and her stuff and headed to Enterprise. The entire staff was so accommodating given that my wife was traveling from out of town. Our dog does terrible at vetโ€™s and the staff / Dr. Grover made it so easy on June and my wife. She had nothing but great things to say, when she returned.

My wife told me how gentle and kind the staff was with Juniper. Dr. Grover went above and beyond with the whole process and we could not be more thankful! We will without hesitation be back for Juniperโ€™s other leg surgery.

New Client

~Had a sick dog while on vacation @ Wallowa Lake State Park. Both docs (Dr Knudsen, Dr. Grover) took really good care of Bentley, and he’s back to his normal, ornery self now. Highly recommended! –Randy H


~Enterprise animal hospital staff were very compassionate and attentive to our dogs Murphy and Gizmo . I would recommend them to anyone to take good care of your critters .๐Ÿ’๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿ• –John M.


~I recently met Dr Knudsen, when my little terrier jumped from my arms and was struck by a large pickup,.in Wallowa. The Dr was there in 15 mins on a Sunday. Because of the virus I was forced to wait out side while Milo was examined inside. The Dr retuned with the horrible news that Milo had a broken pelvis. and could possibly need several painful surgeries and a possible back leg amputation. He was over 16. I knew what I had to do. The Dr gave him a shot to take away the pain. and waited while I had a small service for Milo on my knees in the back of my rig. I was so moved, and felt so honored and respected. and seen. I apologized to my friend for dropping the ball, and not keeping him safe. Then said a prayer of my faith. The Dr waited, till I nodded that I was finished …and sent him home. I couldn’t believe how fair the bill was. I will never go to another Veterinarian — Bunny W.

COVID Protocols

~They are wonderful! Tough with COVID but they had a great process outlined when I arrived. Staff is great, ill keep coming back! –Kelsey S.

Caring Staff

~We love the staff at Enterprise Animal Hospital. They’re very knowledgeable and caring. We also love that their prices are extremely reasonable/affordable and there are very low wait times when making an appointment or arriving for your appointment. Thank you for the work you do! –Amanda B.

Worth the Trip!

I drove 40+ miles to bring my 2 doggie boys here. This is my 1st visit. I brought a stool sample from each of my boys. It was curbside bc of CV19, but I got first hand service anyways. After my doggies, Jackson & Sprocket’s samples were tested, DR. SEVERIN KNUDSEN was exceptional, as he came out to talk to me personally….as he did with others there. He explained everything in detail of his findings.
JILL was also exceptional. I can’t even tell you how much she was a blessing to the 3 of us.
It is worth the drive going over that big ole mountain!๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘ฃ๐Ÿ˜Š –Dorrie M.

Cat Care is Great!

~My cat Mrs. O’Malley gets wonderful care at Enterprise Animal Hospital, and the staff are always happy to answer my questions. We’re so happy to have our pets get care here. –Kathy

Happy Horse Owner

~I would like to thank you for emergency treatment on Nick. The prompt treatment will lead to full recovery of my horse. –Dennis